About VeloAero

Veloaero concept has been created to improve fitness trackers device results. Veloaero is the first and only app to include wind profile in cycling routes so that the cyclists can simulate their indoor rides more efficiently , Based on wind profile we guide our cyclists to various recommended positions that will help them save power all through their rides. During training ,the app will guide the user with the recommended position, once the session ends the results will be presented including the power , the Heart rate profile versus the elevation and wind profile ;Also the Veloaero efficiency will be calculated to show how much power was saved based on Veloaero recommended positioning . In order to use our app you need to connect your HR monitor and trainer , choose a certain route and date in order to simulate a complete cycling experience .

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Profile registration


Connect your polar HR monitor and wahoo trainer


Choose the route from strava and date to ride


Start your session


Follow the positioning recommendation


End your session , check results and veloaero efficiency